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Ancestral Responsibility

Earlier this year, I felt like everything on the internet will eventually have to die, just like Orkut and My Space died. Every single memory, every single expression of grief and victory ever shared on those platforms was erased along with them. Similarly every direct message on social media and every email will eventually die when the hosting company shuts down, unless it is printed off. Nothing is ever preserved on the internet, because energy is required to access data. In comparison, something written on a piece of paper is effectively preserved because it can be accessed and reread a million times without needing extra energy. 

There will come a time when the internet, electricity, or both will be no more. Everything digital will then die. We will have to eventually make hard copies of everything. This inspired me to set up this store. If I distribute my writings all over the world via the shop, at least someone thousand years down the line will find something written by me and will feel blessed to find it. I have written about this line of thought here:



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