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Are You A Philosopher Or Philosophically Inclined?

I dreamt of starting a YouTube all the way since 2013. Since I did not know how long it would take to take off, I wanted some security first. I wanted to first make it to college and get a part-time job, then explode on YouTube. But then I was a foreign student, which made finding consistent and reliable employment very difficult.


At college graduation in 2017, I began thinking about a username for my YouTube. I did not want to call myself a philosopher, because that is what I called professors in the philosophy department. I could not imagine equating myself with them. I wanted to tone it down. Came to my mind "philosophically inclined" in Carl Sagan's voice. Earlier in the fall of 2017, I had watched the original Cosmos. I thought I could at least call myself philosophically inclined. Thus, the brand was born. 


I eventually became comfortable calling myself a philosopher since it is not a degree but a state of mind. Anyone who loves wisdom is by definition a philosopher. The law states, "you are/shall be known by the products of you labor." If the product of your labor are works of philosophy, you are a philosopher.

Ujjwal Anand

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