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The Organon

The person in the picture is Dr. Anthony Neal. The books are Prior Analytics and Posterior Analytics.

I had met him at philosophy lectures that Mississippi Philosophical Association used to organize every once in a while. Looks like I am still a member.

I had expressed to him my concerns about the first principle. Since all human knowledge is deduced from a set of axioms that are assumed to be true, if someone proved them wrong, he would essentially prove everything we know to be wrong. Or if they are wrong already, then everything we know is wrong. This is a precarious situation to be in. This is also why I used to think we that we don't quite know anything but avoided saying it because I did not want anyone to call me a Socrates wannabe. 

Dr. Neal asked me to come see him probably at 11am on Feb 10, 2017, as evidenced by the timestamp. He recommended that I read the Organon. I took a picture of it. In the summer of 2017, I found a copy of Posterior Analytics from the library. It was hard. Well, I should have started with Prior Analytics, but I was not able to find the latter until much later. 

In 2017, I wanted to start to start a YouTube channel, but I wanted to secure a job first. This picture was supposed to be my profile picture. I eventually lost interest in YouTube. In 2020, it became my brand logo.  

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